Some cavemen take a walk, things go downhill from there.

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1st Jan 2021, 9:15 AM
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Author Notes:

BrigonosChomhgaill 1st Jan 2021, 9:15 AM
Just jumping right in and doing it, ComicFury make this whole process so laughably easy compared to making your own website (I once tried to make a portfolio website to host a webcomic - it did not go well), so I bet there's something I missed in the boilerplate about them getting all the rights to the comics I publish here or something, but I dare say if I'm ever wrangling with ComicFury's shadowy financiers over million-dollar movie rights to my work, it will be one of these "good problems" I keep hearing about and not just the regular problems people like me have now, like staying sane when you can't go outdoors because of THE DEATH VIRUS. Maybe that's why I decided to publish a fun romp about primitives crossing a desert expanse - relive the experience of wide open spaces, you know?

My name is Brigonos Mac Giolla Chomhgaill and I am an amateur illustrator with a lifelong love of the comic form. If you don't want to go look up a phonetic guide to the Gaelic language, don't worry about pronouncing that alphabet soup of a handle, everyone just calls me "Bryan". This is my first webcomic for which I bear sole responsibility, it is called NORTH, and for now it is about some cavemen crossing a desert. They are pretty loose character designs because I wanted to avoid pinning down the strip to any specific time, place or culture going in, but also I was very much learning some things as I went along when I was drawing this. They would be much more detailed character designs now, but the comic, for better or worse, is what it is.
So why a comic about cavemen? I didn't cynically seek to exploit a gap in the market or anything - I must confess I haven't even done a search to see if there are other cavemen comics on CF, but statistically I'm sure there must be a few - I just had the story ready to go and at 90-odd pages, I've got a few months to see how it pans out before I decide whether or not to run any more.
My main goal is learn how to webcomic as I go, and I'm not kidding when I say I literally just discovered ComicFury like four days ago and now I'm doing this, but I can at least say for sure that it'll be daily updates for the foreseeable future, a thrice-weekly schedule somewhere down the line, and the current story will definitely be completed. Beyond that, it's all a learning experience in this new year that everyone keeps trying to jinx by saying "it can't be as bad as last year!" like we learned absolutely nothing from 2016. Yes I can remember as far back as 2016. I am that old.

Anyways: Happy New Year! I hope you'll join me on this, my magical journey of webcomic-making discovery.


McGrenivan 3rd Jan 2021, 11:42 AM
Ok, I’m on board.